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Le Poivre d’Ane

Place des Cardeurs in the Northern part of Aix-en-Provence is extremely popular to dine out. Only bistros, bars and restaurants can be found there, from the traditional French bistro to Middle Eastern restaurant, Place des Cardeurs has a lot to offer. One place attracted our attention more than others: le Poivre d’Ane, a modern French dining venue that has made… Read more →

La Presqu’Île

Restaurant La Presqu’île is located in the beautiful city of Cassis, off Marseille and along the Mediterranean coastline. Cassis is famous for its “Calanques” which are amazing creeks of stunning colours! A few steps away from these “Calanques” lies Restaurant La Presqu’île and its wide views of the Cassis Bay: a relaxing and enchanted environment to enjoy a meal with… Read more →